Bandit 1250 or FJR1300?

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Bandit 1250 or FJR1300?

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I currently have a '98 Bandit 1200 with 55K on it. It runs good, but the plastic is starting to fall apart and, honestly, I'm just ready for a new bike. Not only that, but my brother-in-law specifically asked if he could buy it from me and made a reasonable offer.Due to the above, I'm shopping for a new (to me) bike. For a over a year now my plan has been to get a Yamaha FJR1300 whenever I traded bikes again. My big reasons were more comfortable seat, adjustable shield, shaft drive, excellent horsepower, ergonomics, EFI, liquid cooled. I didn't like the lack of a 6th gear, but was willing to overlook that.So I started shopping and found out that Suzuki has seriously upgraded the Bandit in 2007. The new Bandit fixes many of my previous complains. Better seat, better ergonomics, EFI, more horsepower, 6 gears, liquid cooled, improved suspension.Now I'm stumped. In a HP/weight comparison, the bikes are really about equal. The FJR has more power, but also more weight. The FJR is also significantly more expensive. An '05 or '06 model will run $8K - $11k. The '08 Bandit is $8K off the showroom floor, and I should be able to pick up an '07 from a dealer for $7K. A used '07 runs about $6.5k private party. The FJR prior to '06 also has issues with overheating the rider. In contrast, the FJR has shaft drive and the adjustable windscreen which would be nice on longer rides. I'm just not sure that those things make up $2k worth of difference.

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